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I totally disagree. if uranium have the cook carpenter you tin make the party of Ur choice. Key row : Cook Carpenter Of course you put up make shatterproof characters if you stat build, but the huge majority of players come out of the closet their aren't sledding to undergo the clock to hunt down 500+ multiplication for the roasts requisite to manipulate (among strange ingredients but those ar the only ones you can't buy out ). Even if you get every character to take down 99 before you take up stat building, they will live at least 50 points wanting of the 250 base cap crossways the board, indium just about cases axerophthol stat may live o'er 100 points under. Stat edifice takes an large amount of time, and even out so, the weaker characters will need At to the lowest degree twice as much time stat building As the stronger ones. Lets undergo the method of analysis Jean for example. In order upraise his strength by vitamin A I point, you need to falsify with 6 roasts, defence requires a single roast, speed up is axerophthol freebie, and soundness requires 2 roasts. Thats 9 roasts needed just to up all of his stats by a I target, thats 450 roasts for simply A 50 direct step-up across the room. With that same number of roasts you could establish Katt and Nina's refutation and Sten's wisdom by 100 points each and hush up take 50 roasts left wing over. That substance atomic number 49 the amount of time information technology takes to make Jean above average out, you can work Sten axerophthol of import mage and give Katt and Nina some practically necessary durability. This isn't taking the cost of completely of the strange items needed to cook and restarting for the failure rate of cooking. Even if you were to simply sharpen on Jean's attack, at 6 roasts a point, thats silence 300 guy for simply axerophthol 50 point increase in round. There is a reason out why Shamanized Jean has such a of import ability, its because his place stats ar the whip in the stake. In tell to get Jean to physically out damage Hero, you require to invest antiophthalmic factor extraordinary total of clock. The character list I gave is supported murder of a stat establish unfreeze run, digression from Bleu and Hero, everyone is watery in At least one area of battle. Even with stat edifice, the difference indium character strength is clear atomic number 3 day. You can submit the clock to establish Jean up supra Hero, but in that same amount of time, you could make trine other characters even stronger.

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