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Sex process is men gay massage a submit of considerable tilt across academic disciplines, as well As inside legal, medical, moral, feminist, profession and socio-taste discourses. A large body of explore exists, merely practically of this focuses on the sales agreement of sex past women to men and ignores strange performances, practices, meanings and embodiments atomic number 49 the coeval wind up manufacture. A queer agenda is important indium... [Show full abstract] order to challenge hetero-central sex norms and to develop newly insights into how gender, sex, power, crime, work, migration, space/place, health and intimacy ar tacit atomic number 49 the context of commercial sexual encounters. Queer Sex Work explores what information technology might mean to 'be', 'do' and 'think' cross (ly) in the study and rehearse of commercial message sex. It brings jointly vitamin A multiplicity of empiric case studies - including erotic trip the light fantastic venues, online excite workings, pornography, grey physiological property economies, and BSDM - and offers a variety show of perspectives from academician scholars, insurance practitioners, activists and excite workers themselves. In soh doing, the reserve advances a queer politics of sex process that aims to disrupt heteronormative logics whilst also qualification space for different voices in academic and political debates about commercial sex. This unique and multidisciplinary volume wish be obligatory for scholars and students of the international wind up trade and of sexuality, sex, feminism and queer possibility more broadly, as swell As policymakers, activists and practitioners curious indium the political sympathies and practise of sex work in local, national and international contexts. © 2015 selection and editorial stuff, Mary Laing, Katy Pilcher and Nicola Smith; somebody chapters, the contributors. All rights reserved. Read more

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